We're LIVE! Join An Upcoming Event!

Today, we officially launched Build the Era and we can't tell you just how excited we are at the response already! Thank you to everyone who is sharing and spreading the word! We would love to hear from you about what's important to you as it relates to transportation and why you've joined us, so please feel free to leave comments below!

Additionally, we've added 3 new events to our calendar and we'd love you join us for one of them. We'll have members of the Build the Era Advisory Board hosting these events so you can learn more about our plans and how you can take action locally, regionally or nationally as we work to build a community advocacy team from the ground up to advance transportation and infrastructure priorities. Just go to our Events Calendar and click the date that works best for you to sign up! We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Thanks for being a part of this community! 

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