Contact: Bill Bagnall

Date: August 3, 2023

Build The Era Recognized as USDOT “Allies in Action” Partner

Build The Era’s innovative “Rules of Road Safety” campaign will be the focus of its work to fulfill USDOT’s National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) vision of eliminating roadway fatalities.

Transportation education and advocacy group Build The Era has been named a United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) “Allies in Action” member. These allies, which include Honda, AAA, Door Dash, Families for Safe Streets, among other companies and organizations, are committed to reducing deaths and injuries on America’s roadways.

BTE’s effort will focus on its unique “Rules of Road Safety” campaign, which was developed with input from its 700+ members and followers. The rules include Connection, Equity, Education, and Empathy. “These words define what we believe road safety should be and what will govern our actions to improve national road safety,” said Jonathan French, BTE Board member.

“Being recognized as a USDOT Allies in Action partner is an honor and we will work hard to educate and advocate for road safety in meaningful ways,” French added.

BTE will host monthly live-streamed conversations with leaders and influencers in road safety. The first such event, focused on Accessibility, was held in July with Emily Voorde for a discussion about navigating the built environment, including airports and mass transit, as a wheelchair user.

The group will also share their recently published, first-ever children’s book focused on roundabouts, Ronda Loves Roundabouts, to discuss road user safety and implementation of roundabouts for safer roads.

Additionally, BTE will issue calls-to-action regarding road safety and amplify USDOT’s messaging on this topic. Per a USDOT release, “The Department won’t achieve zero deaths on our roadways alone, which is why involving stakeholders across the country…is key.”

About Build The Era: Build The Era is a volunteer-powered education and advocacy organization focused on transportation as it relates to the United States Department of Transportation. Learn more at Build The