Secretary Pete's Ask Me Anything

In this week's blog, Build the Era's Tracy Seelye talks about Secretary Pete's latest 'Ask Me Anything' on Twitter covering a number of topics ranging from safety and supply chain issues, rail and EV policies, DOT priorities on climate change…

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Transport Keys to Sustainability

In today's blog post Jeanne Acutanza discusses what our challenging path forward to sustainability might look like, how it will require a change in our old habits and how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Build Back Better…

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Light on the Earth

Build the Era's Jeanne Acutanza talks about steps that can be taken to create infrastructure projects that are light on the earth and reflect our larger community values with her recent visit to a local ferry terminal being one such…

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May the Journey Bring You Joy

Build the Era's Jeanne Acutanza reflects on her conversation with Vicki Scuri, infrastructure artist at Siteworks, and her life's work making infrastructure more appealing and communities more beautiful. CLICK HERE to read more.




What's Next?

Build the Era's Jeanne Acutanza reflects on the first time she met Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his eloquent answer to an infrastructure-related question she submitted at a recent technical conference. CLICK HERE to read more.

Happy Earth Day!

Climate change is an existential threat, and the effort to meet this moment will be substantial, sustained, and collaborative. In today's Earth Day blog post, Jeanne Acutanza talks about the history of Earth Day and her recent podcast with Dr…

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A First Look at the American Jobs Plan

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's Day blog post yesterday and that you had a good laugh like we did!
And now, in an effort to provide a factual summary with some insight into what President Biden's American Jobs…

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