A Pi Day Poem

In celebration of Pi Day, Jeanne Acutanza has written a poem! We hope you enjoy! 

Pi Day Accord Funny

Transport often runs aground 

A daily transport grind confounds 

Daily driving drudgery 

Turns me all curmudge-ery 

And now a CIRCLE!, you might ask! 

More chaos to my daily task? 

     NO! STOP! …but then again,  

‘Round in circles you might feel 

A constant tugging of the wheel 

Keeps your senses wide awake 

Off the road, eyes you won’t take 

It sorts you as you flow on through 

Keeps you alert and cautious too.  

      Oh, beloved roundabout!  

A pie when served to make a whole 

The shape that too, defines a hole 

You “roundly” keep us well in order 

Safely, slowly thru each quarter 

To Greek friend Pi a big shoutout 

Defining “round” for roundabouts  


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