Happy Earth Day!

Climate change is an existential threat, and the effort to meet this moment will be substantial, sustained, and collaborative. In today's Earth Day blog post, Jeanne Acutanza talks about the history of Earth Day and her recent podcast with Dr…

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A First Look at the American Jobs Plan

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's Day blog post yesterday and that you had a good laugh like we did!
And now, in an effort to provide a factual summary with some insight into what President Biden's American Jobs…

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Be Prepared to Think Round, America!

Yesterday, President Biden released his $2 trillion American Jobs Plan that showed his Build Back Better vision, and the plan was full of transformative investments for transportation in highways and bridges, transit and rail, and especially for pedestrians and cyclists…

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Surface Transportation Funding and Mileage Based User Fees

Following the recent transportation hearing, where Secretary Pete Buttigieg opened up a dialogue on our surface transportation funding crisis, our own Jeanne Acutanza pens today's blog post to talk about mile based user fees ((also known as Road User Charge…

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A Pi Day Poem

In celebration of Pi Day, Jeanne Acutanza has written a poem! We hope you enjoy! 

Pi Day Accord Funny

Transport often runs aground 

A daily transport grind confounds 

Daily driving drudgery 

Turns me all curmudge-ery 

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Happy Pi Day!

In celebration of Pi Day, our own Jonathan French has penned today's blog to share some of the myths and facts about roundabouts!  We hope you enjoy it! 

We're LIVE! Join An Upcoming Event!

Today, we officially launched Build the Era and we can't tell you just how excited we are at the response already! Thank you to everyone who is sharing and spreading the word! We would love to hear from you about…

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Transportation impacts our daily lives! Build the Era was started to create a space that would provide learning opportunities for anyone interested in find out more about the Department of Transportation, it's operating administrations, and the ways that we can…

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